Saturday, June 28, 2008

The crying game

Well we are doing a bit of controlled crying to try and solve the problem of our Wakeful Baby Girl. The time has come. We have become desperate.

I can't manage any more nights of 4-6 hours broken sleep, when she won't even go to sleep without a fight after a middle-of-the-night feed. I know it's 'normal' for babies to wake at night, but it has become a real problem for our family so we need to sort it out. What she has been doing is not normal for this baby. She is exhausted and irritable during the day because she's not sleeping well.

It doesn't mean that my heart isn't being ripped out and trampled on the carpet when she is crying.

I have finally managed to work out how to add a photo. Well, no, it's not that hard, but the stoopid internet wouldn't let me do it the previous times I have tried. Alexander is 4 yrs 9 months, Lillian is almost 9 months.


Jo said...

You know you look at that child and think 'trouble? no way!' but then I look at mine when he smiles and know that it's not the case.
I think now is a great time to do CC. I did it with both the girls as they started night waking at 8 months and by 9 months M and I were going crazy so we did it and it literally took two nights. I hope it works as simply for you.
My GP gave us some good tricks to use which give you reassurance that the baby is fine. It is hard but it is worth it, remember as you say that THEY will also be happier during the day when they have having better night sleeps so you're doing it for everyone's benefit.
Will look forward to reading a post with you telling us you've just had 8 hours straight very soon Maria. XX

Georgia said... all look wonderful. Gorgeous kids. Lillian looks like a sweetie (except for the night waking business of course). ;-)