Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our munchkins

That face, those eyes. A little melancholy but I do like this photo.

Alexander has decided that Lillian would make a good wrestling partner. She's always gung-ho for a bit of rough and tumble. Meanwhile Mummy hovers and tries not to shout, "Careful!" too frequently.


Georgia said...

Oh she's a sweetie. So like Alexander! Love those chubby cheeks. *squeeeeze!*

Maria said...

Thanks Georgia, yes she's a sweetie and loves cuddles. She's put on heaps of weight lately due to the fact that she's feeding all day and half the night... sigh. *yawn*

Rachel said...

Very cute : )
I have been meaning to call you and see if you are interested in popping down for a coffee one Friday when I have Rob, I think A is at school Friday?! (which would be a shame) but it still would be great to catch up with you and Lillian : )
Rach x

Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

Oh my. I thought that was a baby pic of Alexander for a minute. So very very alike! She's a beautiful little princess Maria. Hope you're happy and well. sending you wishes for sleep. xxxx

traceyleigh said...

I love these pics Maria! Just beautiful. Both of them.

Now SLEEEEEEEP for your mumma will you pleeaaaase?!