Sunday, November 9, 2008

Coming up

My piece Night Songs will be performed by the TSO and TSO Chorus in the Song of Destiny concert next Saturday, November 15, at 2.30pm in the Federation Concert Hall.

The piece is a setting of three poems by Gwen Harwood, Esther Ottaway and Henry Lawson. So far I think the rehearsals are going well. I went to a chorus rehearsal two weeks ago and they were sounding great! This week I was scheduled to attend four rehearsals but the Artistic Manager called today and told me the conductor only wants me at the last two. I'm quite happy about this - it's easier for me to not have to rush to a 7pm rehearsal on a week night, but also says that *fingers crossed* there aren't any major huge horrendous problems with the muzik that they need me there to unravel bits. Phewsies!

Oh. Also on the programme are pieces by Brahms and Elgar.

Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying to get my uni marking done, tidy my study, and plan a small vegetable patch. I've suddenly got the gardening bug and it's rather worrying. I don't really think I have time for it but at the same time I don't think I can not do it. Everyone is planting vegetables. Not just because of the insane prices in the shops, but because they taste so much better. I bought a great little book last week called One Square Metre by Lolo Houbein, and I am literally going to plant one square metre of salady things and see how it goes. Start small, rather than launch in and watch it fail miserably. Wish me luck!


docwitch said...

That's wonderful news about the concert! It sounds like a beautiful programme too. If I was in Tassie I'd definitely go. Please let us know how it goes?

Good luck with the gardening too. A vegie patch is a very satisfying endeavour. I'd love to have one, but I'll have to grow mine in tubs due to my balcony situation.
You're right, home-grown veg tastes so much better, and the children will love to see food coming out of the garden.
I've been thinking of buying that very book you got hold of. Worth doing?

Maria said...

DW, it's a really good book. The back says, "Never grown a radish? This book is for you!" I was sold, lol! The premise of one square meter she says can translate to 4-5 balcony tubs or pots, so it could very well work for you too.

Em said...

Huge congrats on Night Songs Maria, you are so talented :) Lovely to hear it is progressing well.

Have fun gardening! Take some risks, let the kids make a mess, plant things you like to eat, and enjoy. I am so not a risk taker, but in the garden I fling all caution to the wind. Satisfying :)