Thursday, February 5, 2009

Off to school

Alexander started school today. He is now in Prep, for which you need to be five here in Tasmania. A rather momentous day, the first day of full-time school. He was cool as a cucumber, very happy to be going back to see his friends and see his new teacher again. He was most excited that there would be some Mobilo, a particular type of construction toy that he was addicted to at Kindergarten. I did my best not to cry but have to admit that a tear did come to my eye at one point. But nobody saw. No they didn't. Luckily. Then we left (David came along to share the moment) and he barely looked up, just said, "Bye Mum, bye Dad." Snif. That was it. I'll put up a few pictures when I get a chance over the next day or so.

It was a manic day, as I am now back at the Conservatorium for two half-days a week so after leaving Lillian at her grandmother's I went off to work for a few hours. Ack! I've been on leave for around 16 months so it's like starting a new job; even more so because we have a new head of school and I have a new office and so do most of my colleagues so I can't find people and most of my books and files are still scattered around my new office waiting to find a shelf to live on. It took me a few hours to unravel some emails, sort out computer access to student records, catch up with a colleague who is the go-to person for just about everything, before even starting on re-writing the unit outlines for what I'm teaching. And then it was time for school pick-up. I really don't know how I am going to fit it all in this year - mothering, composing, lecturing, cooking, shopping, cleaning, washing, chauffeuring, and several other -ings. Need to be organised, need to get enough sleep.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get on the computer much over the past couple of months. Sorry if you've been wondering where I am. I am here! (said the Whos in Who-ville.)


Em said...

Lovely to hear your update Maria! Good luck with the transition back to paid work, be kind to yourself :)

I was wondering how A's first day was - D is loving school too, altho on the first morning he was a little anxious (read meltdown), but Mobilo was what convinced him to let go of me, lol, he loves it too.

love to you xxx

Jo said...

Looking forward to the photos Maria, well done it is a momentous day indeed. And of course his reaction was the best you could expect even if it does break our hearts a little.
Good luck with your new job. XX

Dani said...

You'll manage it all Maria, you always do. It's incredible how grown up our big boys are now isn't it?