Saturday, March 15, 2008

Google maps

We had to go out this afternoon. Alexander got into the car, and I got into the front passenger seat for a change, as these days I'm doing the driving with the kids during the week.

Alexander: Oh! Dad! Are you driving us?
David: Yes, I am.
Alexander: Where are we going?
David: Just into town to do a few things.
Alexander: We'll need Google maps.

He's four-and-a-half.


Em said...

That is hilarious! Was there deafening silence after, or did David laugh ;)

So glad I found your blog, you quiet thing :) Blogging is a lovely way to record and share and let some things out to the universe.

Hope you're having a lovely Easter break. xxx

Em said...

ps I've tagged you for a Seven Things meme


maxandmimasmummy said...

Alexander and Max would get on famously on a car trip. We don't use Google Maps as much as we have to now rely on TomTom everywhere we go!

Welcome to the world of blogging, cant wait to read your ramblings.