Thursday, April 3, 2008

Managing pressure

I found this wonderful little list of key points that David had made for me, from a page in his old Filofax.

1. Make the best use of your energy, and pay proper attention to your health.

2. Balance work with recreation - and set aside a time each day for reflection.

3. Review your values - make sure that you are not putting yourself under unnecessary pressure by confusing your priorities.

4. Express your feelings - discuss with others possible areas of conflict before they become acute.

5. Accept what cannot be changed - have the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.

6. Use negative experiences as positive steps to learning.

7. Check your time management skills - don't set yourself unrealistic deadlines, order your priorities, delegate effectively, and approach tasks methodically.

8. Regard symptoms of stress positively, as early warning signals, and do something about them.

9. Face squarely anything that worries you. Often identifying honestly the worst that can happen will help relieve anxieties.

10. Count your blessings, not your afflictions, and live each day as it comes.

So true.

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Dani said...

BRilliant. I need to print this and stick it on my fridge.