Thursday, April 24, 2008

The ten o'clock heebie jeebies

I am a night owl. At 10pm I'm usually heading down to my study to poke about on the computer and write some little black dots.

For the past few nights, Lillian has woken up screaming her little noggin off at 10pm. And the only thing that comforts her is a bit of a cuddle. I have no idea why she does this. Nightmares, perhaps? The sound of my footsteps or the heater going on?

And she's still carrying on. Arrggh.


Maria said...

Turns out she has her first cold. Poor little sausage has a runny nose today. Hopefully it won't last long. She was awake every 2 hours last night - we all need some more sleep!

Em said...

Sleep vibes your way!! Poor little darling, hope tonight is a better one. xxx