Monday, May 19, 2008

Elizabeth Bay House

My brother-in-law Gareth is a multi-talented individual who recently discovered that Elizabeth Bay House in Sydney is oriented to align precisely with the sunrise at the winter solstice. He has created an audiovisual and used part of my flute concerto as the background music. He took the photographs, filmed the sunrise, did the research and wrote an article.

Gareth is an amazing singer-songwriter. We listen to the stuff they play on ABC Sunday arts shows and after about two seconds we wonder when Gareth is going to be hugely famous and all over the radio and TV. He performs in Sydney as Malone and the Gentle Band, often at the Vanguard but also other places. If you ever see his gigs advertised, GO. You will not be disappointed. Move over, Kurt Elling.

And he's just made a wonderful 4-track EP, so I'll post here when it is released publicly.

A short p.s. to apologise for not blogging much lately. I've had a sick child so time and sleep have been rare commodities around here.


traceyleigh said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing that. Really good stuff to watch. And I loved the flute concerto. Did I tell you Tara is hell bent on learning the flute?!! And we just bought Molly her first guitar. E is trying to source a good teacher for her. Hope you are all over the sickness.


Penni said...


I tagged you for a meme, if you want. Details on Eglantine's Cake.

Rachel said...

So talented : )
Hope the sickness is all over very soon, it can make staying sane difficult!
lv to you, Rach x