Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fact or fiction

This morning's conversation:

Can Spider-man fly?
No, he just swings through the air attaching himself to buildings with his webs.
I don't think Spider-man is real.
Actually, Spider-man is a character from a comic book, so you're right, he isn't real.
I don't believe in Santa Claus OR the tooth fairy.
Why not?
Because I haven't lost a tooth yet! Hahaaaa!

1 comment:

traceyleigh said...

haahaa.. Tara is dying to lose a tooth.

She asked me if the tooth fairy was real the other day. Of course I told her yes. She then said "but how does she carry the coin it must be too heavy for her?" Thinking quickly,I replied that they were magic coins that were light as a feather when the tooth fairy carried them and turned to proper coins once she placed them under the children's pillows. She loved that explanation. :-)

*waves hello to you btw*