Sunday, May 4, 2008

I don't know how

But I have nine minutes of music written.


I'm not sure when or how I managed it, what with sick children and taking up blogging (note to self: stay away from the computer) and no sleep, but there we are. My time limit is 15, so I reckon anywhere between 12-15 is going to be fine. And who said composing was all about "the flash of divine lightning". Haha.

It's just in short score at the moment, which will be to my advantage when I'm orchestrating because I realised that I have to do a piano score for the choir rehearsals. Eep. All that Finale-ing is going to send me bonkers. But hey, better that the choir know what the accompaniment is going to sound like, even if just a little bit.

4 months to go. Onwards and upwards.


Em said...

well done you!!

love the choc bikkie recipe below, must try with the boys.

And thankyou so much for the little thingie in the mail - you're a sweetheart xxx

Maria said...

Oh I'm so glad you got the Thingie. Enjoy! xxx