Monday, September 29, 2008


And so our baby boy turned five last Friday.

We are often amazed at this little fellow. He has so much personality and "chutzpah", he talks like a book yet at the same time I need to muster all my negotiating skills to get him to follow instructions etc. I guess that's normal for a strong-willed five year old! His kindergarten teacher says that he's "an oral, linguistic learner" which is certainly true. I find it hard not to get frustrated knowing that he is such a bright spark yet unbelievably stubborn when it comes to trying or doing new things, but I know he will get there when he's ready. He loves his friends, but when he decides he doesn't like someone there's no turning back and he'll store up his little grievances and bring them out whenever necessary. An obsessive personality, incredibly curious, mad about inventing, loves his family and especially his baby sister. Happy birthday Alexander!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous Alexander!
Wow, five. It seems like only yesterday my Will was 5 yrs Maria and A was a baby. Time goes too quickly. Hope you are all well and cutie Lillian is giving you some rest. Will is terribly sick at the moment. Croup again. Wahhhhh. Take care, hope to talk soon when I manage to get a life : ) Rach

Em said...

Happy birthday for Friday dear Alexander! May you never stop being curious :) xxx

Hope W is better soon Rach, croup is scary stuff xxx

Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Alexander! Hope he had a wonderful day!

traceyleigh said...

Happy Birthday Alexander!!!!

I think it's an age thing..Tara is the same and then once she ventures outside the comfort zone and does try it she LOVES it and becomes obsessed eg..skipping. She is skipping mad at the moment!


Georgia said...

Happy Birthday Alexander! Looks like the Thunderbirds thingummy was a hit!

Dina said...


I found your blog via Tracey's blog. Your son sounds a lot like mine!

Jack (my son) is very smart, but so stubborn. He wants to do things his way. For example, he was very anti-chapter books. He did not want to read them. I "forced" a few chapters down his throat and he acted like I was torturing him.

Now he has finally found a book he likes, but he refuses to try anything besides that series of books! (Captain Underpants). He won't even read other books by the same author!

Anyway, happy birthday to you guys : )