Monday, September 15, 2008


We have been away for a few days.

Photo from here.

After what seems like an interminable winter, we (I) decided that we needed a break as soon as The Piece was dusted and delivered. Lillian seems to have picked up every bug circulating around the Germ Factory (aka Kindergarten) and it was high time we all got some rest and took some time out to recharge the batteries.

Not wanting to travel too far or too expensively, we packed the pram, portacot, a couple of guitars and two small children, hopped in the car and drove to St Helens, 3 1/2 hours up the east coast of Tassie. What a lovely spot. The weather was mixed but we did manage a picnic, some fishing, some rock-hopping, beach-running, a bit of wandering about the town, much lazing about, reading, watching Thunderbirds (what else?) and ... naps for the grown-ups. Bliss.

Lillian decided to start crawling, and also had her first go on a swing.

We stayed here and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home away from home.


Rachel said...

Break sounds well deserved Maria! There have been some nasty bugs around Hobart. Poor Lillian. Doesn't she look adorable on the swing : ) Will call you in next week or so for chat and to catch up on your news, Rach x

docwitch said...

That all looks really lovely, and such a pristine environment. I'd love to go to Tasmania, I've always overlooked it a bit because it never seemed exotic to me after living in NZ for years, (I know, it's completely different).
Also, your children are just gorgeous!

Maria said...

Rach, she has been sooo sick and not sleeping, we have been exhausted. Just before we left she had a nasty virus.
Doc - I'm from NZ too!!! :O Tas is actually very like NZ but also different in a time-warp kind of way. You must visit. :)

Penni said...

Looks gorgeous, wow, I am hanging out for that sort of holiday - I think after Europalooza we'll be sticking to camping this summer, but St Helens is doable. I'm coming to Hobart this week to do a talk, I think you could probably come watch me if you want on Wednesday evening though I know it's very very late notice, and evenings are hard, and I'm not sure of the details. I'll email you with the details.
By the way, MP3 player was a huge hit, especially in Paris, where the tv was temperamental.