Monday, September 8, 2008

Thunderbirds are go!


I'm on a quest to find a Soundtech Tracy Island for A Certain Person's 5th birthday in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! The Thunderbirds are currently an all-consuming passion for the small person who will be heartbroken if I can't find one in the shops (not likely) or "in the computer". He is even asking God for one every night, in the hope that it will appear at the foot of his bed the next morning.

Am scouring eBay worldwide. Oh the pressure.


Dani said...

how gorgeous. I was a HUGE thunderbirds fan at A's age. I hope you find one in time.

(breathing a big sigh of relief that J hasn't got his heart set no anything in particular this year!)

docwitch said...

Good luck tracking that one down! I too was, (still am a bit secretly), a Thunderbirds fan. And there's nothing like that puppet brand of romance.